14. We can form a single united body, while the enemy must split up into fractions. Hence there will be a whole pitted against separate parts of a whole, which means that we shall be many to the enemy’s few.


Sun Tzu

This quote from Sun Tzu is discussing the importance of unity and cohesion in a military force. By being united, a military force can maintain its strength and effectiveness, while the enemy is forced to divide and become fragmented. This allows the united force to outnumber the enemy and gain an advantage in battle. In essence, the quote is emphasizing the strategic importance of unity in achieving victory in warfare.

By coming together as a united team, we can outmaneuver our competitors who are divided and disorganized. This will give us a significant advantage, as we will be able to act as a cohesive whole against their fragmented efforts.

By working together as a single unified team, a company can maintain its strength and efficiency, while its competitors may become fragmented and less effective. This allows the company to gain a competitive advantage and potentially outmaneuver its rivals. In this way, the quote highlights the value of unity and cooperation in achieving success in the business world.