16. The spot where we intend to fight must not be made known; for then the enemy will have to prepare against a possible attack at several different points; and his forces being thus distributed in many directions, the numbers we shall have to face at any given point will be proportionately few.


Sun Tzu

If the enemy knows where you plan to attack, they will be able to prepare their forces at that location and you will face a larger number of troops. By keeping your intentions secret, you can create uncertainty and confusion in the enemy’s ranks, causing them to distribute their forces in multiple directions. This will result in them having fewer troops at any given point, making it easier for you to overcome them.

The strategy we intend to use must remain a secret; this way, our competitors will not be able to anticipate our moves and will be forced to spread their resources thin in order to prepare for multiple potential strategies. 

In business, it is important to keep your plans and strategies secret from competitors in order to gain an advantage. By keeping your intentions hidden, you can create uncertainty and confusion among your competitors, who will be forced to spread their resources thin in an effort to respond to the potential threat. This will result in your competitors being less able to focus their resources on any one particular threat, giving you an advantage. By using deception and surprise, you can gain an edge over your competitors and achieve your business goals more effectively.