15. And if we are able thus to attack an inferior force with a superior one, our opponents will be in dire straits.


Sun Tzu

n this quote from The Art of War, Sun Tzu is expressing the idea that if one is able to attack an enemy force with a superior force, the enemy will be at a disadvantage and likely to suffer defeat. In other words, Sun Tzu is emphasizing the importance of having a military advantage over one’s opponents in order to achieve victory in warfare.

If a company is able to attack a competitor with a superior product or business strategy, the competitor will be in a difficult position and may struggle to compete.

For example, if a company is able to launch a new product that is significantly better than its competitors’ products, it may be able to gain market share and put its competitors at a disadvantage. In a similar vein, if a company is able to implement a business strategy that is more effective or efficient than its competitors’, it may be able to outcompete them and gain an advantage in the market. Ultimately, the idea behind this quote is that having a superior product or strategy can give a company a significant advantage over its competitors, which can lead to success in the business world.