6. An army may march great distances without distress, if it marches through country where the enemy is not.


Sun Tzu

An army can march long distances without experiencing difficulties if they are not being pursued or confronted by the enemy. It suggests that an army is more likely to face challenges and hardships when it is actively engaged in combat with the enemy, rather than simply moving through enemy territory. In other words, the quote is emphasizing the importance of avoiding direct conflict, and suggests that an army can be more successful by finding ways to avoid engaging with the enemy.

A company can avoid difficulties by operating in a market or industry with no competition and offering unique products and services.

A company can avoid a lot of difficulties and challenges if they are able to operate in a market or industry where they do not face significant competition. For example, a company that is able to develop a unique product or service that has no direct competitors may be able to operate and grow without having to worry about other companies trying to take market share away from them. Similarly, a company that is able to enter a new market before any competitors are able to do so may be able to establish a strong foothold and avoid having to compete directly with other companies. In both of these cases, the quote could be seen as emphasizing the importance of finding ways to avoid direct competition in order to operate more smoothly and successfully.

A company can thrive and grow
If competition they can forgo
By finding markets that are new
Or offering products that are few

This strategy can help them succeed
And from difficulties they'll be freed
They'll be able to expand and thrive
Without worrying about rivals vying for their lives

So if you want your business to soar
Find ways to avoid competition's roar
Develop a unique product or service
And enter new markets with great purpose

In this way, you'll avoid distress
And your company will prosper, no less.