17. Therefore in chariot fighting, when ten or more chariots have been taken, those should be rewarded who took the first. Our own flags should be substituted for those of the enemy, and the chariots mingled and used in conjunction with ours. The captured soldiers should be kindly treated and kept.


Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is discussing the importance of capturing enemy chariots during battle and using them to your own advantage. He suggests that those who capture the first chariots should be rewarded, and that the enemy’s flags should be replaced with your own. He also advises treating captured soldiers kindly and incorporating them into your own forces. This shows that Sun Tzu believed in the strategic value of capturing and using the enemy’s resources, as well as the importance of treating captured soldiers humanely.

In competitive situations, it is important to acquire and use the assets of your competitors to gain a strategic advantage. Those who do so should be recognized and rewarded, and former competitors should be treated with respect and fairness.

In competitive situations, it is important to be on the lookout for opportunities to gain a strategic advantage. This could involve acquiring the assets of a competitor, such as their technology, customer base, or intellectual property. By integrating these assets into your own operations, you can potentially gain a competitive edge and improve your chances of success. It is important to recognize and reward those who identify and seize these opportunities, as this can help to motivate and encourage others to do the same. Additionally, treating former competitors with respect and fairness can help to maintain good relationships and potentially lead to future collaborations, such as partnerships or joint ventures. This can be beneficial for both parties, as it allows each to leverage the strengths and resources of the other.