8. The skillful soldier does not raise a second levy, neither are his supply-waggons loaded more than twice.


Sun Tzu

The skilled soldier will not need to call for additional reinforcements, nor will they need to resupply their troops more than twice. This is because the skillful soldier will be able to effectively manage their resources and use them efficiently in battle. By only needing to call for reinforcements and resupply their troops twice, they will be able to maintain their strength and advantage over the enemy.

A skilled business leader does not rely on additional resources or support from outside the business.

A skilled business leader is able to effectively manage the resources and support available within their business. They do not need to rely on outside resources or support because they are able to use what they have effectively. This may be because they have a good understanding of their business and its needs, as well as a clear plan for achieving their goals. It may also be because they are able to effectively motivate and manage their employees, making the most of the resources and support available within the business. By not needing to rely on outside resources or support, the business leader can maintain control and flexibility, and avoid potential complications or dependencies.