10. Reduce the hostile chiefs by inflicting damage on them; make trouble for them, and keep them constantly engaged; hold out specious allurements, and make them rush to any given point.


Sun Tzu

In order to defeat an enemy, one should use tactics to weaken their leadership and keep them occupied, while also using distractions and incentives to manipulate their actions. Sun Tzu’s overall strategy is to use cunning and deception to outmaneuver the enemy, rather than relying on brute force alone.

Weaken our hostile competitors by damaging their reputation and causing them problems; keep them occupied and preoccupied, and use false incentives to lure them into making rash decisions that benefit us.

In order to weaken our hostile competitors, we can use a variety of tactics to damage their reputation and cause them problems. For example, we can spread negative information or rumors about their company, or engage in activities that disrupt their operations or supply chain. By doing this, we can make it difficult for them to attract customers, investors, or partners, and reduce their overall success and profitability.

Additionally, we can keep our competitors occupied and preoccupied by constantly engaging them in activities that require their attention and resources. For example, we can initiate legal disputes, launch marketing campaigns that directly target them, or engage in other forms of competition that distract them from their core business. By doing this, we can make it difficult for them to focus on their goals and objectives, and prevent them from gaining an advantage over us.

Finally, we can use false incentives, or specious allurements, to lure our competitors into making rash decisions that benefit us. For example, we can offer them seemingly attractive deals or partnerships that are actually designed to trap them into making unwise choices. By doing this, we can manipulate their actions and induce them to act in a way that serves our interests, rather than their own. Overall, our strategy is to outsmart and outmaneuver our competitors, rather than directly confronting them or engaging in aggressive competition.