1. In war, the general receives his commands from the sovereign, collects his army and concentrates his forces.


Sun Tzu

The quote is often interpreted to mean that in warfare, the commander of the military forces receives their orders from the leader of the state or nation, gathers their troops, and focuses their military strength in one location or on one objective. Essentially, it emphasizes the importance of having a clear chain of command and the need for military leaders to effectively organize and mobilize their forces in order to achieve victory in battle.

In business, the leader receives their orders from the company's goals, gathers their team, and focuses their efforts.

In a business context, the quote from Sun Tzu could be interpreted to mean that a company’s leadership should clearly communicate their goals and objectives to their employees, and that employees should be organized and focused in their efforts in order to achieve the company’s goals. This could involve setting clear targets and expectations for employees, coordinating and aligning the efforts of different teams or departments within the company, and ensuring that everyone is working towards the same end goal. In this way, the quote can be seen as emphasizing the importance of clear communication, organization, and focus in the business world.