17. Without subtle ingenuity of mind, one cannot make certain of the truth of their reports.


Sun Tzu

Without a clever and resourceful mind, it is not possible to trust the accuracy of information that is reported or received. Sun Tzu suggests that careful thought and analysis are necessary in order to verify the truth of something. This idea is particularly relevant in the context of warfare, where the ability to gather and interpret accurate information can be critical to making strategic decisions. However, it can also be applied more broadly to any situation in which it is important to carefully consider the validity of information before making decisions or taking action based on it.

Without a keen and resourceful mind, it is impossible to verify the truth of business reports and information.

The ability to think creatively and critically is essential for being able to verify the accuracy of information and make informed decisions. This could include everything from evaluating the financial performance of a company to considering the potential impact of a new business strategy. By using subtle ingenuity of mind, or the ability to think creatively and resourcefully, it is possible to make better decisions and navigate the challenges of the business world with greater confidence and success.