6. Knowledge of the enemy’s dispositions can only be obtained from other men.


Sun Tzu

In order to have knowledge of an enemy’s dispositions (their intentions, plans, or capabilities), one must obtain that information from other people. In other words, one cannot know an enemy’s dispositions simply by observing them or by deducing them based on one’s own knowledge or assumptions. Instead, one must gather information from other sources, such as spies or informants, in order to truly understand an enemy’s dispositions.

Knowledge of the competitors' capabilities and strategies can only be obtained from other people.

Knowledge about competitors and their capabilities and strategies can only be obtained through interactions with others who have that knowledge. This could include employees, customers, suppliers, or other industry insiders. In order to stay competitive, it is important for businesses to continuously gather and analyze information about their competitors and the market in order to make informed decisions and adapt to changing conditions.

It is important for a business leader to establish relationships with people, especially those who have access to your competitor. These people can provide valuable insights and information about your competitor’s capabilities and strategies that may not be available through online research or other public sources. Overall, building relationships with real people can be an important aspect of staying informed and competitive in your industry.