15. Energy may be likened to the bending of a cross-bow; decision, to the releasing of the trigger.


Sun Tzu

Energy and decision-making are two important qualities for a successful warrior or leader. The metaphor of the crossbow and the trigger suggests that energy is like the tension that builds up in the crossbow as it is being drawn back, and decision-making is like the moment when the trigger is released and the arrow is launched. In other words, energy is the preparation and build-up to a decisive action, and decision-making is the moment when that action is taken. Sun Tzu believed that both energy and decision-making were crucial for success in warfare, and this quote reflects that belief.

Passion in business may be likened to the tension in a crossbow; decisiveness, to the releasing of the trigger.

A good leader or manager must have both passion and decisiveness in order to be successful. The energy is the passion and drive that a leader brings to their work, while the decision-making is the ability to make timely and well-considered decisions. A leader who has both of these qualities can effectively guide their company and help it to achieve its goals. Additionally, having both energy and decisiveness can inspire confidence in others and help create a culture of action and success within the organization.