19. Rapidity is the essence of war: take advantage of the enemy’s unreadiness, make your way by unexpected routes, and attack unguarded spots.


Sun Tzu

Speed and surprise are key elements of successful warfare. The idea is to take advantage of the enemy’s lack of preparedness by using unexpected tactics and attacking vulnerable areas. This can allow you to gain an advantage over the enemy and achieve victory in battle. The concept of “rapidity” in this context refers to the swift and efficient execution of military strategies and tactics, which can be used to outmaneuver and defeat the enemy.

Agility is the key to success in business: take advantage of your competitors' unpreparedness, find new and innovative ways to approach the market, and target untapped opportunities.

Agility is a critical factor in the success of any business. By being quick and adaptable, you can respond to changes in the market and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. One key way to be agile is to exploit your competitors’ unpreparedness. This might mean identifying areas where they are not fully utilizing their resources or where they are leaving opportunities untapped. By being proactive and seizing these opportunities, you can gain an advantage and set yourself up for success.

In addition to exploiting your competitors’ unpreparedness, it is also important to find new and innovative ways to approach the market. This might involve developing new products or services, or finding creative solutions to problems faced by your customers. By staying ahead of the curve and offering something that is truly unique and valuable, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and attract more customers.

Finally, it is important to focus on targeting untapped opportunities. This might mean identifying new markets or customer segments that are not being fully served by your competitors, or finding ways to introduce new products or services that meet the needs of these customers. By being proactive and seeking out these untapped opportunities, you can tap into new sources of revenue and drive long-term growth for your business.