49. On serious ground, I would try to ensure a continuous stream of supplies. On difficult ground, I would keep pushing on along the road.


Sun Tzu

When an army has penetrated into the heart of a hostile country, leaving a number of fortified cities in its rear, it is considered serious ground. In this situation, it is especially important to ensure a continuous stream of supplies in order to sustain the army’s operations. This could involve establishing supply lines, stockpiling resources, or securing access to necessary resources.

On difficult ground, such as mountains, forests, rugged steeps, marshes, or fens, it is important to keep pushing the army forward. This might involve finding ways to overcome obstacles, adapting to the terrain, or finding alternative routes to reach the destination. Despite the challenges of the terrain, it is important to maintain momentum and continue moving forward.

On serious ground, a business should ensure all resources are available. On difficult ground, they should keep pushing forward.

Serious ground for a business is when it enters a new market while still maintaining operations in other markets. This can put additional strain on the business’s resources, so it is important to ensure that all resources are available to support the new market. This could include financial resources, skilled employees, necessary equipment, and other assets that are necessary for the business to operate effectively in the new market. By ensuring that all resources are available, the business can position itself for success in the new market.

Difficult ground is a market which has barriers to entry, such as high competition or regulatory hurdles. In this type of market, it can be challenging for a business to succeed. However, the business should keep pushing forward and to find ways to overcome these challenges. This might involve adapting to the market, finding alternative ways to reach customers, or developing new products or services. Despite the difficulties, the business should maintain momentum and continue moving forward in order to succeed in the market.