5. Ground on which each side has liberty of movement is open ground.


Sun Zhu

Open ground is a type of terrain that allows both sides to move freely. In other words, open ground refers to an area that is not constricted or hindered by natural or man-made obstacles, and therefore allows for greater mobility and flexibility in military operations. Sun Tzu believed that open ground was a strategic advantage for an army, as it allowed them to more easily maneuver and respond to the movements of the enemy.

When a business is in a market with low barriers to entry, it is on open ground.

Open ground in a market refers to a situation where businesses have equal opportunities to succeed and achieve their goals. This is typically characterized by a market with low barriers to entry, where there are few significant obstacles preventing other firms from entering and competing. In this type of market, businesses must be agile and responsive to the actions of their competitors in order to succeed. An example of open ground in a market is when a company is competing in a market with few established competitors and low regulatory hurdles.”