6. Ground which forms the key to three contiguous states, so that he who occupies it first has most of the Empire at his command, is ground of intersecting highways.


Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is referring to the strategic importance of controlling a central location that provides access to multiple surrounding regions or states. The idea is that whoever controls this central location, or “ground of intersecting highways,” will be able to exert significant influence and control over a large portion of the empire. In military terms, this central location could be a key fortress, a crossroads, or a bridge, for example. In broader terms, it could refer to any location that serves as a hub or gateway to multiple areas.

A market that serves as an gateway to other markets, allowing the company that controls it first to have an advantage in the other markets, is a market of intersecting highways.

A market of intersecting highways is a market that acts as a gateway to other markets. This means that it serves as a connection between different markets, allowing companies to access and potentially expand into these markets. By controlling this market, a company is able to leverage its customer base, data, and resources to gain a competitive advantage in these other markets. This can allow the company to enter and potentially dominate new markets, increasing its revenue and market share.

For example, consider a pool company that is well-established in a particular geographical area. By leveraging its current customer base and database, the company can easily enter and potentially dominate other markets, such as hot tubs, outdoor hardscapes, and patio furniture. By controlling this market, the pool company is able to leverage its customer base and data to gain a competitive advantage in these other markets. For example, the company could use the data it has on customer purchasing habits to target advertising more effectively, or offer financial services such as loans or credit cards to its customers.