3. When he has penetrated into hostile territory, but to no great distance, it is facile ground.


Sun Tzu

When an army has advanced into enemy territory, but not too far, it is easy to maneuver and defend. This is because the enemy has not had time to fully mobilize and prepare their defenses, and the attacking army is still relatively close to its own resources and support.

Sun Tzu advises that in such a situation, the attacking army should be cautious and take advantage of the opportunity to secure a strong position before the enemy can fully respond. However, he also warns that if the attacking army becomes too confident and careless, it may suffer a costly defeat.

When a business has a limited presence in a market, it is on facile ground.

Facile ground is a market or industry in which a company has a limited presence or recently entered. In such a situation, the company may have an advantage because it has not yet faced the full competition and challenges of the market. The company may be able to establish a foothold and establish itself before other competitors can fully respond.

However, this advantage is only temporary and the company must be careful not to become overconfident or careless. It is important for the company to continue to monitor and adapt to the market, as well as to invest in its own resources and capabilities to sustain its position. If the company fails to do this, it may lose its advantage and face increased competition or other challenges.