2. When a chieftain is fighting in his own territory, it is dispersive ground.


Sun Tzu

When a military leader is fighting on their own home turf, it can be a disadvantage because the ground is familiar to them and they may become dispersed, or spread out, in their efforts to defend it.

When a business is operating in their own market, it is on dispersive ground.

Dispersive ground means your resources are dispersed and not focused on a specific goal. As a leader in a given market, a business is well established and has a deep understanding of that market. However, if a competitor tries to enter the market, the established business may be at a disadvantage. In an effort to protect their market position, the business may allocate its resources across the entire market, rather than targeting specific segments. This is known as “dispersive ground,” where resources are spread across the market in an effort to defend it. As a result, the established business may be less able to respond effectively to the competitor’s entry into the market.