55. Hence he does not strive keeping his antagonists in awe. Thus he is able to capture their cities and overthrow their kingdoms.


Sun Tzu

A military leader should not rely on intimidating their opponents in order to win. Instead, they should focus on using strategy and tactics to outmaneuver and defeat their opponents. By not trying to keep their opponents in awe, the leader is able to focus on the true objective of capturing their cities and defeating their kingdoms. Essentially, Sun Tzu is advocating for a more nuanced and subtle approach to warfare, rather than relying on brute force or intimidation.

Therefore, a successful business leader does not rely on intimidating their competitors in order to succeed. Thus they are able to outmaneuver their competitors to capture market share.

A successful business leader avoids using intimidation as a tactic in order to achieve success. Instead, they focus on using strategy and tactics to outmaneuver their competitors and capture market share. The idea is that relying on intimidation can be a short-term or superficial way to try to gain an advantage, but it is ultimately less effective than using a more subtle and long-term approach that involves careful planning and execution. By outmaneuvering their competitors and capturing market share, a business leader is able to establish a dominant position in their industry and achieve lasting success.