29. When the soldiers stand leaning on their spears, they are faint from want of food.


Sun Tzu

When soldiers are so hungry that they can barely stand, they will not be able to fight effectively. This is because hunger can weaken and demoralize a military force, making it more vulnerable to attack. Essentially, Sun Tzu is emphasizing the importance of ensuring that soldiers are well-fed and nourished in order to maintain their strength and effectiveness in battle.

When employees are fatigued, they are likely lacking motivation due to a lack of compensation and recognition.

When employees are fatigued, it is often due to a lack of compensation and recognition. This lack of motivation can lead to a decrease in productivity and an increase in mistakes or errors. Fatigue is a state of physical or mental exhaustion that can affect an individual’s ability to perform their job to the best of their abilities. When an employee is fatigued, they may have difficulty concentrating, solving problems, and making decisions.

There are several factors that can cause employee fatigue, such as working long hours, inadequate rest or sleep, and high levels of stress. In some cases, fatigue can be the result of a lack of compensation or recognition for the work that an employee is doing. When employees do not feel valued or appreciated for their contributions, they may become less motivated to continue working hard. This can lead to a lack of engagement and a decrease in job satisfaction, which can further contribute to employee fatigue.

For example, consider an employee who works long hours without receiving any additional compensation for their overtime. This employee may become fatigued and less motivated to continue working hard, especially if they feel that their extra effort is not being recognized or appreciated by their employer. Another example might be an employee who consistently meets or exceeds their performance goals but is not recognized or rewarded for their achievements. In this situation, the employee may become less motivated and more likely to experience fatigue as a result of a lack of recognition for their hard work.

In general, it is important for employers to recognize and address the potential causes of employee fatigue, including a lack of compensation and recognition. By providing employees with fair and adequate compensation for their work and recognizing their achievements, employers can help to promote employee motivation and engagement, and reduce the risk of fatigue and other negative effects on employee well-being.