14. When, in consequence of heavy rains up-country, a river which you wish to ford is swollen and flecked with foam, you must wait until it subsides.


Sun Tzu

When a river is swollen and has foamy water due to heavy rainfall upstream, it is necessary to wait until the water level subsides before attempting to cross it. This is likely a cautionary statement meant to emphasize the importance of being patient and not attempting to cross a swollen river, which can be dangerous.

When in difficult economic times, it is important to be patient and carefully assess potential decisions and actions before proceeding.

When a business is operating in a difficult economic environment, it is important to approach decisions and actions with caution and care. This is because the risks and potential drawbacks of certain decisions and actions may be heightened during difficult economic times. For example, if a business is considering expanding or making a significant investment, the potential risks and downsides of these decisions may be greater in a difficult economic climate. Therefore, it is important for the business to take the time to carefully assess the potential consequences of any decisions or actions before proceeding.