1. We come now to the question of encamping the army, and observing signs of the enemy. Pass quickly over mountains, and keep in the neighborhood of valleys.


Sun Tzu

The quote from Sun Tzu is discussing the importance of choosing an effective camp site for an army and being aware of the movements and actions of the enemy. He advises that the army should move quickly over mountainous terrain and stay near valleys, likely because these areas offer natural defensive advantages and make it easier to monitor the enemy’s movements.

We come now to the question of maintaining a strong business presence, and monitoring the competition. Rapidly expand into new markets and maintain a presence in established ones.

As we move forward, it is crucial that we focus on maintaining a strong and enduring business presence. This means not only keeping a close eye on our competitors and the market, but also being proactive and aggressive in our expansion efforts. We should strive to rapidly enter new markets and solidify our presence in established ones, in order to maximize our potential for growth and success. By doing so, we can ensure that our business remains competitive and well-positioned in the market, and continue to provide value to our customers and stakeholders.