13. When you come to a hill or a bank, occupy the sunny side, with the slope on your right rear. Thus you will at once act for the benefit of your soldiers and utilise the natural advantages of the ground.


Sun Tzu

In this quote, he is advising soldiers on how to take advantage of the natural terrain during a battle. By occupying the sunny side of a hill or bank, with the slope on their right rear, soldiers can use the natural incline of the ground to their advantage and also protect their own soldiers from potential attacks. Sun Tzu believed that by using the natural advantages of the terrain, soldiers could gain a strategic advantage over their enemies and ultimately win the battle.

When facing challenges, take a proactive approach and leverage available resources to gain a strategic advantage and achieve your goals. This will not only benefit your team, but also help you make the most of your resources.

When confronted with challenges, it is important to take a proactive approach and use the resources at hand to your advantage. This means that rather than reacting to challenges as they arise, you should anticipate them and plan ahead to overcome them. By leveraging available resources, you can gain a strategic advantage, which can help you achieve your goals more effectively.

Taking a proactive approach not only benefits your team by helping them overcome challenges and reach their goals, but it also helps you make the most of your resources. By using your resources wisely, you can maximize their potential and get the most value out of them.