45. If a general shows confidence in his men but always insists on his orders being obeyed, the gain will be mutual.


Sun Tzu

A general or leader who shows confidence in his men and trusts their abilities, while also insisting on obedience to his orders, will create a mutually beneficial situation for both the leader and the men. The leader’s confidence in his men will inspire and motivate them, while the insistence on obedience will ensure that the group functions effectively and efficiently. Overall, the quote emphasizes the importance of trust and communication in leadership and military strategy.

If a leader shows confidence in their team and consistently holds them accountable, the benefits will be mutual.

When a leader trusts their team and believes in their abilities, it can have a powerful motivating effect on the team members. They may feel more valued, respected, and invested in the success of the organization, which can inspire them to work harder and more effectively. In turn, this can improve team morale and lead to better results for the organization.

At the same time, holding team members accountable for meeting objectives and following established procedures can help ensure that the organization functions efficiently and effectively. Clear expectations and consistent enforcement of rules and guidelines can prevent confusion and misunderstandings, and help the team stay focused on achieving their goals. Additionally, accountability can help foster a culture of responsibility and professionalism within the team, which can further contribute to the organization’s success.

Overall, the mutual benefits of trust and accountability in leadership are significant. A leader who trusts their team and holds them accountable can inspire and motivate their team, while also ensuring that the organization functions effectively. This can ultimately lead to improved performance and greater success for the organization.