25. When the light chariots come out first and take up a position on the wings, it is a sign that the enemy is forming for battle.


Sun Tzu

Light chariots were a type of fast, maneuverable military vehicle used in ancient warfare, and their placement on the wings of an army would typically be a strategic move designed to outflank and outmaneuver the enemy. By observing this positioning of the light chariots, Sun Tzu is suggesting that one can gain insight into the enemy’s intentions and plan accordingly.

When a competitor positions themselves on the periphery of our industry, it can be a sign that they are gearing up for a competitive battle.

When a competitor positions themselves on the periphery of an industry, it can be a sign that they are preparing for a competitive battle with other companies in that industry. This positioning can take many forms, such as launching new products or services, entering new geographic markets, or acquiring other companies in related industries. By doing so, the competitor is positioning itself to take advantage of opportunities and gain a strategic advantage over its rivals.

In a business context, it is important for companies to carefully monitor the actions of their competitors and look for signs that they may be gearing up for competition. This can help a company anticipate potential threats and plan accordingly. For example, if a competitor positions themselves on the periphery of the industry, it may be a sign that they are planning to launch a new product or service that could compete with the company’s offerings. In this case, the company may need to adjust its own strategies and plans in order to remain competitive and protect its market share.

Overall, this statement suggests that observing and analyzing a competitor’s actions can provide valuable insights into their plans and intentions, and can help a company prepare for potential competition. By staying aware of potential threats and adjusting their strategies accordingly, a company can maintain a competitive edge and protect its position in the market.