30. If those who are sent to draw water begin by drinking themselves, the army is suffering from thirst.


Sun Tzu

If the leaders of an army are not focused on the needs of the group, then the army as a whole will suffer. In this case, the quote is specifically referring to the need for leaders to prioritize the well-being of their soldiers and ensure that they have access to necessary resources, such as water.

If employees prioritize their needs and interests over the success of the team, they are lacking in team spirit and unity.

The importance of leadership in fostering team cohesion and a common purpose cannot be overstated. Effective leaders are able to inspire and motivate their team members to work together towards a shared goal. They do this by setting clear expectations and goals for the team, providing support and guidance, and creating an environment that fosters collaboration and cooperation. Additionally, effective leaders are able to resolve conflicts and address any issues that may arise within the team, ensuring that all members are working towards the same objectives.

Having a strong and effective leadership team is crucial for the success of any group or organization. A team that is united and focused on a common purpose is much more likely to achieve its goals and be successful than a team that is disjointed and divided. By prioritizing team spirit and unity, leaders can help ensure that their team is cohesive and working towards a common goal.