19. A victorious army opposed to a routed one, is as a pound’s weight placed in the scale against a single grain.


Sun Tzu

A small, defeated force is no match for a large, victorious one. Sun Tzu is suggesting that the difference in strength and power between the two forces is like placing a pound’s weight in a scale against a single grain – the weight of the pound would easily outweigh the single grain. Essentially, Sun Tzu is saying that a powerful, victorious army is more than capable of defeating a small, defeated force.

A successful business facing a struggling one is like a pound's weight in a scale against a single grain.

In this analogy, the successful business is represented by the pound’s weight, while the struggling one is represented by the single grain. The comparison suggests that there is a significant difference in strength and power between the two companies. The successful business, like the pound’s weight, is heavy and carries a lot of influence, while the struggling business, like the single grain, is small and lacks power.

This analogy can be interpreted in a few different ways. On the one hand, it could be seen as a warning to struggling businesses to improve their performance and to not underestimate their competitors. Even a small, struggling company could potentially pose a threat to a larger, successful one if it is able to adapt and innovate. On the other hand, the analogy could also serve as a reminder to successful businesses to not become complacent or overconfident. No matter how strong and powerful a company may be, it must always be prepared to face challenges and adapt to changing market conditions.