8. To see victory only when it is within the ken of the common herd is not the acme of excellence.


Sun Tzu

True excellence is not simply achieving victory, but rather achieving victory in a way that is not obvious or apparent to the average person. In other words, true excellence is not just about winning, but about doing so in a way that is surprising, innovative, and not immediately understood by others. It suggests that true excellence is about finding unique and unexpected ways to achieve success, rather than simply following the established paths and strategies of others.

True excellence in business is about achieving success in unique and unexpected ways.

True excellence in business is not just about achieving financial success or market dominance, but about doing so in a way that is unexpected and innovative. This could mean developing new products or services that disrupt existing markets, finding unique and creative ways to solve problems or address customer needs, or using data and analysis to make better business decisions. In short, it suggests that true business excellence is about going beyond what is considered “common” or “typical” in order to achieve success in a unique and unexpected way.