19. Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.


Sun Tzu

When making plans, it is important to keep them secret and well-concealed, so that your enemies cannot anticipate or predict your movements. When you do take action, it should be sudden and decisive, like a bolt of lightning, catching your enemies off guard and overwhelming them. The idea is to use surprise and confusion to your advantage, and to strike with such force that your enemies cannot effectively defend themselves.

In business, let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night. When you move, do so like a thunderbolt, with sudden and decisive force.

In business, it is important to keep your plans secret and well-concealed in order to gain a competitive advantage. By keeping your plans hidden from your rivals, you can avoid giving them advance warning of your intentions, which allows you to take them by surprise and gain a strategic advantage. Additionally, by making your plans “dark and impenetrable as night,” you can make them difficult for your competitors to anticipate or predict, which can help you maintain the element of surprise and keep them off balance.

When you do take action, it is important to do so with sudden and decisive force, like a thunderbolt. This means that you should move quickly and efficiently, with a clear and well-defined plan of attack. By striking with speed and force, you can catch your rivals off guard and overwhelm them before they have a chance to defend themselves. This can help you gain a decisive victory, and secure a strategic advantage for your business.

Overall, the key to success in business is to use stealth and surprise to gain a competitive advantage, and to execute your plans with speed and efficiency in order to outmaneuver your rivals. By keeping your plans secret and well-concealed, and by striking with sudden and decisive force, you can gain a strategic advantage and achieve your business goals.