22. He will conquer who has learnt the artifice of deviation. Such is the art of maneuvering.


Sun Tzu

A person who knows how to deviate from their opponent’s expectations and plans will be the one who is successful in battle. In other words, the ability to maneuver and adapt is an important skill for a military leader to have. Sun Tzu believed that victory in war was not just about having a strong army, but also about using strategy and tactics to outmaneuver the enemy.

The one who succeeds in business is the one who has mastered the art of deviation. This is the art of strategic maneuvering.

In order to succeed in business, a person needs to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and find ways to outmaneuver their competitors. This might involve deviating from the traditional ways of doing things or coming up with creative solutions to problems. For example, a business might need to deviate from its usual marketing strategies in order to reach a new audience, or it might need to come up with a unique product or service in order to stand out from the competition. In order to do this, the business leader must have a deep understanding of the market and be able to anticipate and respond to changes in consumer demand.