27. A whole army may be robbed of its spirit; a commander-in-chief may be robbed of his presence of mind.


Sun Tzu

An army’s morale and a commander’s ability to think clearly and make decisions are both crucial to the success of a military operation. If either of these things is lost or compromised, it can have a significant impact on the outcome of a battle or campaign. In other words, an army’s spirit and a commander’s presence of mind are essential for victory in warfare.

A company's success may be compromised if its employees lose morale; a leader may be unable to make effective decisions if they lack focus and clear thinking.

A company’s success is dependent on the morale and motivation of its employees, as well as the ability of its leaders to make clear and decisive decisions. If either of these things is lost or compromised, it can have a negative impact on the company’s performance and ability to achieve its goals. For example, if employees lose morale, they may become less productive and less committed to their work. This can lead to lower quality products or services, reduced customer satisfaction, and decreased profits. Similarly, if a leader lacks focus and clear thinking, they may make poor decisions that damage the company’s reputation, waste resources, or put the company at a competitive disadvantage. In short, maintaining a positive company culture and strong leadership is essential for a company’s success.