4. Ground which can be abandoned but is hard to re-occupy is called entangling.


Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is describing a type of ground or terrain that can be easily abandoned by an army but is difficult to re-occupy. In other words, it is a type of ground that can be easily given up by an army without much consequence, but if the army tries to retake it later, they will encounter significant difficulties and obstacles. This type of ground is called “entangling” because it can easily entangle or trap an army that tries to re-occupy it.

A market that can be easily abandoned but is difficult to re-enter is called an entangled market.

An entangled market is a market or business venture that can be easily abandoned by a company without much consequence, but is difficult to re-enter later. This means that the company can easily leave the market without facing significant costs or challenges, but if they try to re-enter it at a later time, they will encounter significant obstacles and difficulties. This can entangle the company, making it difficult for them to successfully re-enter the market and compete with other companies.

There are a few reasons why a market might be considered entangled. For one, the market may be highly competitive and difficult to break into, even for established companies. Alternatively, the market may be dominated by a few powerful players who are able to use their influence and resources to block other companies from entering. Additionally, the market may be subject to complex regulatory or legal constraints that make it difficult for companies to operate or compete effectively.