8. When the force of the flames has reached its height, follow it up with an attack, if that is practicable; if not, stay where you are.


Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is suggesting that, when the force of the flames has reached its peak, it may be possible to follow up with an attack, either by taking advantage of the confusion caused by the fire or by exploiting any weaknesses that may have been created in the enemy’s defenses. However, if it is not practical to launch an attack at that moment, Sun Tzu advises staying put and waiting for a better opportunity.

When market turmoil is at its peak, follow up with an aggressive campaign against your competitors, if it's not practical, wait for a more favorable opportunity.

During times of market turmoil, a business may be able to take advantage of the situation by launching an aggressive campaign against their competitors. The idea is that, when the market is unstable, there may be more opportunities for businesses to gain an advantage over their rivals. However, it may not always be practical or advisable to launch such a campaign. In these cases, it may be better to wait for a more favorable opportunity, such as when market conditions have stabilized or when there are other favorable factors at play.