12. In every army, the five developments connected with fire must be known, the movements of the stars calculated, and a watch kept for the proper days.


Sun Tzu

In order to effectively use fire as a weapon, military commanders and their armies must have a deep understanding of the different ways in which fire can be deployed and the conditions under which it is most effective. This includes understanding the five developments, or stages, of fire. Military commanders must have a deep understanding of the movements of the stars, which would have been used to predict the weather and other conditions that could affect the use of fire in warfare. Finally, Sun Tzu advises keeping a watch for the proper days, which likely refers to the need to choose the most opportune time to deploy fire in battle, based on factors such as the weather, the enemy’s position and strength, and the availability of resources.

In every business, the five ways to attack a competitor must be known, along with market conditions, and a watch for the most favorable opportunities.

in order to effectively compete in the business world, businesses must have a deep understanding of the five ways they can attack their competitors and gain an advantage in the market. They must also be aware of market conditions, including trends and patterns in consumer behavior and industry developments, in order to make informed decisions about their competitive strategies. Finally, businesses to keep a watch for the most favorable opportunities to attack their competitors, which might involve identifying and exploiting weaknesses or taking advantage of market trends and shifts.