2. In order to carry out an attack with fire, we must have means available. The material for raising fire should always be kept in readiness.


Sun Tzu

he material for raising fire should always be kept in readiness” refers to the importance of being prepared for war and having the necessary resources and materials to carry out different tactics, including the use of fire as a weapon.

Fire has long been used as a weapon in warfare, and Sun Tzu recognized its potential as a destructive force. However, in order to use fire effectively in battle, it is necessary to have the means to start a fire and the materials to fuel it. Sun Tzu advises that these materials should always be kept ready and at hand, so that they can be used when the opportunity arises.

In order to attack the competition, we must have means available. The resources required should always be available.

In business, having a reserve capability of the required resources can allow a company to be ready to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. For example, if a company has a reserve of marketing resources and tools, it can quickly launch a campaign to target a competitor’s resources, reputation, weaknesses, or strategies, or to offer superior products or services. By being prepared and having the necessary resources on hand, a company is better able to respond to changes in the market and to compete effectively.

It is important to approach competition in a strategic and ethical manner, however, and to be mindful of the potential consequences of aggressive tactics. While it is important to have the necessary resources and tools at hand to compete effectively, it is also important to consider the impact of business decisions on customers, employees, and other stakeholders.